Dear me,

Sometime, you needed a long time to defense yourself because you couldn’t handle it well. You did your best trying. Always. Even it was hard for you. You arranged your own bricks one by one until you could build your strong wall. Great! Let you grateful to Him with the best gratitude. You did it well, biidznillah.

But, the storms come whenever they want. They don’t care with you. They don’t care about the wall that you built before. They broke your strongest wall. It was like… your energy to build the strongest wall before was unuseful anymore.

So, will you judge the storms easily? Please, don’t judge them. Don’t ever judge the problem. Yourself is the first thing that you must be checked up continuesly.

Maybe it was your mistake because you couldn’t protect your strongest wall. You couldn’t save yourself well.

O Allah, I understand that you create a person to the world with weakness into him/her. I’m nothing without You. I’m very weak without You.

O Allah, please help me and others to keep ourlife still in Your best way. Still on fitrah as a human.

Iyyaaka nasta`in. Ihdina ya Rabbi… Ihdinash shiraathal mustaqiim.

May this Ramadhan will make us found Him again and again, in every single second.


16 Ramadhan 1440 H

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